Direct Mail Made Simple

Coyote House Design has teamed up with the Sonoran Arts League to make the process of ordering postcards to advertise this year’s Hidden in the Hills Studio & Sale Tour as painless and affordable as possible. Increase your turnout and increase your sales!

Coyote House Design will create a press-ready postcard (two-sided) featuring your artwork and
contact info and handle the uploading of the files to the printer. This includes up to two revisions and image prep. No muss, no fuss!

1. Decide how many images you’d like, up to 5.

2. Choose whether you’d prefer a matte or glossy coating.

3. Email your high resolution images & your info, including:

  Name of Artist

  Name of Studio where you will be showing & Studio #

  Address of Studio

  Contact info: email address, website, phone number

Coyotehouse Design is offering a special discounted flat rate of $120 for the design work and print management plus the cost of printing, paid separately. Typical normal fee for a postcard is 3 hrs @ $65/hr = $195, so this is a savings of $75!

Printing: Coyotehouse Design has done the research for you and selected an online company, The rates are affordable while still offering a high-quality product. See actual pricing on their site and note the substantial cost savings of placing a larger order.

Call 928.814.6401 or email to get started.

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